Tulane Personalized Health Institute


Tulane Personalized Health Institute (TPHI) aims to assemble an experienced and committed team of investigators with expertise from different disciplines to solve vexing research problems closely related to interpersonal variability and population disparity in health, and translate the findings to disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. In the short term, the institute will promote cross-school interdisciplinary collaborations in a series of projects that are particularly concentrated on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and mechanisms of COVID-19 infection and complications. In the long-term, we will boost convergence research collaborations to foster new population and experimental research landscapes in studying the life course and systems mechanisms of personalized health and implementing the new knowledge in the development of precision diet, lifestyle, and pharmaceutical interventions and treatment to mitigate the disease burdens and population disparity. Our institute will also constantly promote academic communications and multidisciplinary collaboration programs through high-profile symposiums and seminars.

School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

School of Medicine

School of Science & Engineering